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Continuing Education That Moves You

What do you associate with the term knowledge?

Teachers standing at the front of the classroom droning on? Non-stop cramming before a university exam? And the thought always in the back of your mind: “I will never use this again!”

Or maybe: the indescribable feeling of a Eureka! experience. Know-how, das weiterbringt. Insights that reveal new paths. The desire to learn something new.

We at südwissen are convinced: Knowledge is the currency of the future. Knowledge is the currency of the future. And continuing education is the way to get there. That’s why we have developed a portal that makes continuing education at colleges and universities easily accessible. At you will find offers ranging from one-day seminars to master’s degrees while you work. Whether online or classroom courses, here you can see at a glance what the University of Freiburg and Furtwangen University have to offer.

südwissen simplifies your search and gives you the opportunity to compare different continuing education courses in an easy-to-use format. Our information portal helps you to find reliable answers to your questions, for example, about degrees and financing. We support you: The südwissen teamwill be happy to advise you. And once you have decided on your educational programme, you can book directly online.

Ready for your personal knowledge journey? Explore the continuing education portfolio!