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Communicable Diseases and Quality Assured Programs (CAS)

The ongoing Corona pandemic demands immediate response from the public health sector. What is an adequate public health response in view of the enormous transmission dynamics of communicable diseases, and how does this differ for the Global North and the Global South? How can you set up cost-effective preventive programs, monitor and evaluate the process and outcome?
In this five-week CAS you will learn how to deal with such major health threats. We will train professionals to use interdisciplinary approaches to explore planning and management issues in urban health with a special focus on communicable diseases.

  • Interdisciplinary, international, cutting-edge learning experience
  • Great head start for your career in global health
  • Certificate of Advanced Studies creditable for Master's Degree in Global Urban Health
  • Expertise from globally experienced and interdisciplinary teaching staff

Dates / Location / Cost

DateLocation Costs
This course has already started. Future sessions are being planned.

Institution and Location


Faculty of Humanities, Center for Medicine and Society, University of Freiburg


University of Freiburg
MSc Global Urban Health
Bismarckallee 22, Third Floor
79098 Freiburg

Target Audience and Prerequisites

Target Audience

Health professionals, social scientists, researchers, and policy makers involved in health policy development and health intervention planning.


– proficiency in the English language
– ideally, at least one year of professional experience

Course Format, Certification, Quality Assurance

Course Format

Präsenz / Physical Presence


Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS)


Five weeks fulltime attendance (Monday-Friday)

Creditpoints (ECTS)




Group size

25 participants

Academic Recognition

The CAS on “Communicable Diseases and Quality Assured Programs” is a component of the Master of Science in Global Urban Health at the University of Freiburg. After completing this CAS participants can extend their studies to obtain a Master of Science in Global Urban Health if they take part in the full program.

In case of entering the full Master’s Program, one advanced module / CAS can be completed before participating in the core module.

Dates and Deadlines

This course has already started. When new courses become available they will be added.



2,500 Euro

Additional cost information

Including materials, excursion, administration fee. Living costs are not included.


Communicable Diseases Sub-module:

  • Module conveners: Winfried V. Kern, Hartmut Hengel, Axel Kroeger
  • Lecturers: G. Haecker, H. Grundmann, W.V. Kern, A. Kroeger S. Rieg, D. Wagner, M. Panning, H. Hengel
  • External experts: T. Callejas (WHO) Ch. Lengeler (Basel)

Needs Assessment and Planning Tools Sub-module:

  • Module conveners: Sonia Diaz- Monsalve, Axel Kroeger
  • Lecturers: S. Diaz-Monsalve, A. Kroeger, D. Niermann, A. Maun
  • External experts: N. Dreesch (WHO), M. Otmani (WHO), Vicki Doyle (Liverpool)

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