University-based continuing education

shaping Career paths

For more and more professionals, it is becoming the norm to fulfil tasks in the course of their professional lives that differ from their originally learned profession. Such lively career paths arise as a result of career ambitions, biographical events and the will to change, but also due to technical, economic and social transformations. Hardly any initial training can prepare for all the challenges of a life and career path. This leads to employees deciding to update and expand their knowledge in order to prepare themselves for future professional challenges. Take advantage of continuing education options for your career.

Sound continuing Education

Universities and universites of applied sciences offer continuing education courses that are characterized by both scientific methodology and practical relevance. Special emphasis is placed on the following criteria:

  • Scientific level in terms of methodology and depth of expertise
  • Practical and application orientation
  • Transferability of knowledge from universities into professional life
  • Latest state of knowledge
  • Research orientation
  • Selected teachers from science and practice

certificate with University seal

As a participant in a continuing education program at a university, you will receive a confirmation of participation or a certificate from the respective university.


In addition to new knowledge and skills, you will benefit from direct contact with experts from the scientific community and from the exchange with other employed course participants who are dealing with similar tasks, challenges or topics.