Vision and Goals

What does südwissen and the project Hochschulweiterbildung@BW stand for? What strategy do we want to use to meet current and future challenges? What motivates us? Here, you can learn more about it.

Building the future

We support continuing education activities at state academies, universities of applied sciences and universities in Baden-Württemberg.

In our network, we connect providers and interested parties in continuing education at universities. On the one hand, this includes continuing education experts, subject matter experts, and content experts from various universities. On the other hand, we address persons, companies and organizations that want to develop. Both groups pursue the same goal: better qualification and empowerment of the participants. This enables them to take an active role in their own working environment and to help shape the future of social and economic developments through their actions.

By bringing together supply and demand, we enable the mutual transfer of ideas, knowledge and technologies, practical orientation and exchange. As the core of our culture, this transfer determines the work in the alliance and the design of the learning processes for the participants of the continuing education offers.


Our online platform is the leading portal for continuing education at universities in Baden-Württemberg. We offer our target group the most comprehensive range of training and support them in developing their potential.

With our consulting and platform, we offer specialists and executives an intelligent search and intuitive, low-barrier operation for an individually suitable continuing education concept on all digital paths. We offer our partners optimum service and efficient processes in all our offerings.

The dedicated employees are the foundation of our platform. They act in partnership within a sustainable framework.

Mission statement

We are a reliable and long-term partner. Through joint structures, we create synergies, facilitate processes, and enable development.

To this end, we offer state-of-the-art technologies and infrastructure as well as collaboration opportunities. We are open to change processes and support academies, universities of applied sciences and universities in an appreciative and constructive manner.

We consolidate the interests of the member universities in the field of continuing education and communicate them competently and in a future-oriented manner to the outside world, thus increasing the visibility and acceptance of continuing education activities.

We advise, inform and place individuals and companies interested in further education individually and in a demand-oriented manner.