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Migration, Violence and Mental Health among Urban Poor (CAS)

City councils, politicians, NGOs and others are in urgent need of developing a rational approach of dealing with related problems such as the exponential growth of large cities as well as a notable increase of mental health issues. This program is based on national and international Global Health and Urban Health concepts. It provides an interdisciplinary approach to dealing with the challenges of migration, disintegration of families, violence stress related conditions, mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety syndromes, ill health due to crowding, and other phenomena of urbanization. You will learn from both scientists and practitioners from various backgrounds: mental health care specialists, migration experts, conflict advisers, and social scientists from anthropology, international relations and religious studies.

  • interdisciplinary, international, cutting-edge learning experience
  • great head start for your career in global health
  • input from scientists and practitioners from the fields of anthropology, international relations and religious studies
  • identify and quantify biological-psychological-social threats to health and risk factors in urban areas

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Artikel-Nr.: UFR_GuH_Migr_202103
Freiburg 2.500,00 

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Faculty of Medicine, Center of Medicine and Society, University of Freiburg


University of Freiburg,
MSc Global Urban Health Program
Bismarckallee 22, Third Floor
79098 Freiburg

Zielgruppe und Voraussetzungen


Health professionals, social scientists, researchers and policy makers involved in urban development
and health intervention planning.


  • proficiency in reading and speaking English
  • ideally, at least one year of professional experience

Format, Abschluss, Qualitätssicherung

Lehr- / Lernformat

Präsenz / Physical Presence


Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS)


Five weeks fulltime attendance (Monday-Friday)

Creditpoints (ECTS)





The CAS on „Migration, Violence and Mental Health among Urban Poor“ is a component of the Master of Science in Global Urban Health at the University of Freiburg. After completing this CAS participants can extend their studies to obtain a Master of Science in Global Urban Health if they take part in the full program.

In case of entering the full Master’s Program, one advanced module / CAS can be completed before participating in the core module.

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2,500 Euro including materials, excursion, administ ration fee, living costs are not included


Mental Health Module:

  • Convenor: Gayatri Salunkhe
  • Lecturers: K.Fritzsche, C. Lahmann, A. Zeeck, S. Schmidt, K. Scheidt, P. Scheib, G. Salunkhe
  • Expertal speakers: G. Leininger, L. Wolfski

Migration Module:

  • Convener: Laura Wall
  • Lecturers: Lecturers: A. Supady, H. Serra, J. Wägerle, A. Muth, Jung-Hecker, T. Epkenhans
  • External experts: M. McClaren; A. Scherr (PH), J. Wägerle (PH), Huschka, Heneke, L. Wall
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