Financing Tips

How to find financial Support

There are various options on how to find financial support. We have listed the most important ones for you here:

State financial Support

For your investment in your professional future, there are various funding opportunities offered by the federal and state governments you are entitled to for further education or a degree program. An overview is provided in the information brochure “Fördermöglichkeiten in der Weiterbildung” (Funding opportunities in continuing education, currently only available in German) published by the German Association for University Continuing and Distance Education (DGWF).

Employer and Employee share costs

If your employer suggests further training for you, it will usually also bear the costs. If you approach your employer with your wish for further training, it is advisable to ask whether the costs will be covered or whether you may use a certain part of your working time for this purpose on a regular basis. Negotiating is usually worthwhile. However, you can also propose a cost-sharing arrangement. If you take advantage of educational leave, you will not be supported financially, but you will be supported in terms of time.

taking advantage of tax benefits(income-related expenses)

Usually, the costs of continuing education can be deducted for tax purposes as “income-related expenses”. The tax office recognizes the following types of continuing education:

  • Further training in the occupation held (e.g. seminars, specialist courses)
  • Graduate program or second degree program
  • Degree program after completed vocational training
  • Retrainings

If the tax office recognizes your training as relevant to your occupation, you can also claim the costs for necessary literature and all working materials. In addition, you can declare related travel expenses (travel costs, accommodation, meals, etc.) as income-related expenses.

Installment payment

For larger training courses, payment by installments is usually possible. This option is usually indicated with the respective course offering. Details can be obtained from the respective course manager.

Discounts for special Groups

Ask for a discount if you are a job seeker, for example. You can also inquire whether the institution conducting the course is certified by the employment agency or the job center.

Be sure to check if the continuing education program you plan to attend also offers discounts for students, employees, alumni or booster club members of the respective university.