Formats and Degrees

From Workshop to Part-time Degree

The motives for continuing education alongside your daily work differ. The goals and ideas that participants want to achieve with their continuing education are individual. This is precisely what the continuing education programs at universities and universities of applied sciences take into account: From one-day workshops, to courses lasting several weeks, to part-time studies for working professionals, the duration and scope of continuing education courses vary. This allows you to choose the right continuing education course for you, depending on the amount of time available and your learning needs.

recognized further Education degrees and Certificates

For continuing education courses completed at universities, all participants receive a participation or graduation document from the university. The following system has been established and is the basis for the degree designations:

Degree Continuing education format Credit Points (CP)*
Master’s degree Continuing education master’s program 60-120 CP
Bachelor’s degree Continuing education bachelor’s program 180-240 CP
Certificate Diploma of Advanced Studies (DAS) > 30 CP
Certificate Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) > 10 CP
Certificate Diploma of Basic Studies (DBS) > 30 CP
Certificate Certificate of Basic Studies (CBS) > 10 CP
Certificate Continuing education course with examination 0-9 CP
Confirmation of participation Continuing education course without examination no CP

* Credit Points (CP) according to the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS)

In continuing education, one credit point (CP) comprises a workload of 25 hours. The workload is usually divided between seminar time (online or in-person) and self-study time (homework, tests, preparation for examinations, and writing final or project theses, if necessary).