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Machine Learning for Companies, on a Flexible Schedule

New ontinuing education programme thanks to corona

Necessity is the mother of invention – the restrictions imposed by the corona pandemic have forced educational institutions to switch to online formats. This has resulted in interesting new offers. One example is the online workshop from the HFU Academy (Furtwangen University) on Machine Learning.

At the beginning of March, the time had come: A new offer on the subject of Machine Learning for companies was ready to be designed, planned and organised. But then came Corona. And soon it was clear: a classroom course would not be feasible in the foreseeable future. Matthias Lermer, Dr. Thomas Jechle and Prof. Dr. Christoph Reich accepted the challenge. Within a very short time, they developed the planned weekend seminar into a digital series of events lasting several weeks with intensive support.

Machine Learning at Your Own Pace

Despite – or perhaps because of – the Corona pandemic, now is the right time to gain further qualifications – especially in the field of digitisation and especially with a free offer. This workshop has already been held successfully: It turned out that the change from a normal two-day presence workshop to an online format spread over several weeks makes more sense for employees. Especially if there is enough time between the content bursts for practice and application.

Why Machine Learning?

Machine Learning is currently probably the most widespread area of Artificial Intelligence in practical application. It deals with the question of how data can be used to continuously improve computer-based models or decisions (through learning). This makes it possible, for example, to determine, with increasing accuracy, the optimal time for the replacement of wear-prone components in a machine during a manufacturing process (predictive maintenance).

Learning and Transferring by Doing

In the online workshop, participants learn the basics of machine learning over a period of two months through live meetings, video lessons and personal experimentation. Practical examples from Industry 4.0 are included. They will learn how to use machine learning algorithms and apply them to various industry 4.0 examples. Towards the end of the workshop, participants will be able to assess where machine learning can be applied in their own company and will be able to implement a prototype solution.

The online workshop is being developed within the project “Data Literacy and Data Science for SMEs: Training and Qualification” and can therefore be offered free of charge during the project period.

Dr. Thomas Jechle und Matthias Lermer, HFU-Academy of University Furtwangen